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About Us

TSD Home was created to offer our professional expertise in knowing what and how to purchase quality items for your home. After 20 years in the staging, design, and furniture business we wanted to put together a variety of pieces that are timeless, functional yet beautiful, and are tested to withstand the busy lifestyles of today.

People often don’t know what they like until they see it all put together so we crafted a place where our clients can create a beautiful TSD Home for themselves. Our team moves furniture every day and we certainly know when it's made well and we can stand behind our recommendations of quality.


After years of experience, we have been able to expertly navigate the wholesale furniture market to pick quality pieces with the best design. We know what’s worth skipping and what’s worth keeping and now we have taken the hassle out of furniture shopping for you.


With access to most major furniture manufacturers and our trade accounts in High Point, we have something for every price point. Check out our online store where you can shop our carefully curated collection and have your pieces delivered straight to our warehouse near RDU for local pick-up or professional delivery services.

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